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9月 25, 2020

RitsIB Open Class 2020 ‘Online’

Ritsumeikan Uji is proud to announce that this year’s IB Open Class event will take place on Friday, October 9, from 8:55am. Registration is now available.

To learn more about the 2020 Open Class and to register, please visit our event website here:

The IB Open Class has been specially designed for anyone interested in learning about our junior high school IP and senior high school IB courses. If you are an interested parent, fellow educator, policy developer, or simply curious about our programmes, please join us!

This year’s Open Class will be held entirely online via the video chat platform, ZOOM. To access the event, visitors will need to have a free ZOOM account. You can find more information about ZOOM and how to use it at their website:

Please be aware that registration will close at 17:00 on October 7.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Having fun in Japanese B.


News and Topics