Message from the Principal



2019年度より、文部科学省指定のWorld Wide Learningコンソーシアム構築推進事業拠点校として、日本はもとより世界中にネットワークを作り、新しい教育システムに挑戦しています。



Message from the Principal

We live in an age of remarkable technology where information about nearly everything is available at the touch of a smart phone. There are wonderful books, audio books and videos easily available to us and brilliant instructors on YouTube and free courses of study full of inspiring ideas on the internet. We have so many resources available to help us become well-informed, critical thinkers. But we must connect, share, evaluate and discuss in order to truly make use of the wonderful tools that we have. These days, we can connect with the whole world and create on line multicultural exchanges. But we also need face-to face interactions.

We must become active learners, motivated to pursue the truth. We must also realize that our technology is first class but our morality is in great need of improvement. We continue to forget the cycle of the cruelty of war and on a smaller scale our own selfishness and cruelty to those close to us. A positive, cooperative school environment can make us positive cooperative people. Learn to work with each other regardless of nationality, age, gender, personality or background; strive for harmony and mutual understanding. We can do amazing things at Ritsumeikan Uji so please actively work to make this an even more remarkable school experience for all.



立命館宇治中学校・高等学校 校長
ヒックス ジョーゼフ