School Facilities

The Ritsumeikan Uji Campus

Ritsumeikan Uji Junior and Senior High School is located in the historic city of Uji in suburban South Kyoto. The campus is located on top of a hill with a panoramic view of Kyoto city, and sits on 13.4 hectares (33.1 acres) of land. The main building includes two connected circular towers housing the junior high school and high school respectively.


Students have access to four state of the art science laboratories, media rooms, library, main auditorium, Japanese tea room, recording studio, Japanese calligraphy room, and an observatory with a full sized telescope. Each homeroom is equipped with a projector and high school students have access to wireless internet across campus. The campus is equipped with a American football sized turf sports field, futsal field, six tennis courts, gymnasium, weight room, and martial arts facilities.

Pictures of Main Facilities

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  • Field and the Campus Overview
    Field and the Campus Overview
  • Library
  • Homeroom
  • Communication Lounge
    Communication Lounge
  • Main Auditorium
    Main Auditorium
  • Canteen
  • The International Education Center
    The International Education Center
  • Special Lecture Room
    Special Lecture Room
  • Tea Ceremony Room
    Tea Ceremony Room
  • Media Room
    Media Room
  • Gym
  • Dormitory

Lot Area: approx. 13.4ha
Built-up Area: approx. 270,000 m² (As of April 1, 2017)

Facility Number Facility Number Facility Number
Classrooms 45 Home-Economics Room 1 Music Room 2
Gymnasium 1 Lecture/Seminar Room 17 Cooking Room 1
Calligraphy Room 1 Martial Arts Room 1 Special Lecture Room 1
Technical Room 1 Radio-TV Studio 1 Judo Room 1
Memorial Room 1 Science Lab 1 Studio 1
Kendo Room 1 Main Auditorium 1 Chemistry Lab 1
Social Studies Room 1 Fitness Room 1 Multipurpose Room 3
Physics Lab 1 Media Room 3 Tennis Court 6
Tea Ceremony Room 1 Biology Lab 1 Cafeteria 1
Field 2 Library 1 Arts Room 2
Shop 1 Observatory 1 Club Rooms 1
Baseball Field 1