IB Course Mission and Concept

Ritsumeikan Uji’s IB Course and International Preparatory Stream

The IB Course at our school is a unique fusion of a Japanese core, rooted in 100 years of tradition and drawing on all of the strengths of the Ritsumeikan Academy, with an international curriculum valued and recognized by the best universities around the world. Our school is committed to spreading the philosophy of international mindedness throughout Ritsumeikan and across Japan in order to educate and cultivate young people who will possess a human spirit as well as the leadership and intellectual capacities to contribute to the development of the international community.


Ritsumeikan Uji Junior and Senior High School’s IB Course and Junior High School IPS (International Preparatory Stream) are based on a common philosophy that grows out of both the values of the International Baccalaureate (IB) and those of Ritsumeikan as reflected in the Ritsumeikan Charter. The core values of the IB are reflected in the IB mission and learner profile.

The ten IB learner profile attributes with original Japanese character equivalents.

  • 1.Inquirers
  • 2.Knowledgeable
  • 3.Thinkers
  • 4.Communicators
  • 5.Principled
  • 6.Open-minded
  • 7.Caring
  • 8.Risk-takers
  • 9.Balanced
  • 10.Reflective

The IB learner profile is at the heart of the IBDP. The learner profile is a set of ten characteristics that all IB students share. IB students are forward-looking leaders (open-minded, risk takers, and communicators), academically oriented (knowledgeable, inquires, and thinkers), and good citizens (balanced, caring, principled, and reflective). As an IB World School, Ritsumeikan Uji Junior and Senior High School strives to nurture the ten characteristics of the leaner profile in every one of our students, and to reflect the learner profile in all of our staff.

Following the IB mission and learner profile and the Ritsumeikan Charter, our IB Course has developed its own vision, mission, and core values. These are reflected below:

Our Vision

To build vibrant, healthy, honest and globally integrated programs which are of service to society.

Our Mission

To help our students become creative, confident, cooperative and competitive young men and women capable of learning and working at the highest international levels in order to help address the major issues of today, and tomorrow.

Our Core Values

  • International Understanding through Open Mindedness
  • Lifelong Learning through Critical Thinking
  • Emotional and Physical Balance through Good Habits and Self-Reflection
  • Social Betterment through Ethical Awareness

Our Promise

Our teachers and staff will strive everyday to embody our mission and core values in order to create a culture of learning, responsibility, and service.