*Applicants cannot apply for a scholarship if they don’t receive “recommendation category” status in advance.


Incentive Scholarship


An applicant who takes the November Examination in the “Recommendation Category” can apply to the Incentive Scholarship Program. This program offers a stipend to selected students who have an excellent command of a foreign language or excellent academic ability in the sciences and mathematics, and who show remarkable scholastic achievement.



A scholarship student receives a stipend of 500,000 yen per year. We examine the academic record of scholarship students every year.


-Number of Scholarship Students

18 (selection will take place among all applicants, including those from other courses.)


-Documents to be Submitted

c. Transcript (since this is already included in the entrance examination application documents, applicants do not have to submit an additional transcript.)


<Scholarship Application Procedure>


An applicant must take the international entrance examination in the recommendation category.


-Application Form

Download the application form from our website.



October 25 (Mon.) to November 8 (Mon.), 2021

Enclose the scholarship application with the entrance examination application and send both applications together to the school during the application period. The application documents must arrive no later than November 8.


-Selection Method

If an applicant is selected as a scholarship recipient, the school will send a “Letter of Scholarship Recipient” slip.