High School (a first year for IB course) in Academic Year 2021

Items Fee
Payment Before Entry Admission Fee 120,000
Payment After Entry Tuition Fee 638,000
Fees for Educational Improvement 291,000
IB Course Fee 600,000
IB Sundry Expenses including IBDP textbooks 139,000
Fees for School Events 16,500
Fees for Texts and Materials 30,100
Membership Fee 37,800

* Fees for Uniform , specified goods, and deposit for oversea study tours, etc. are also necessary.
* IB Course fee will be changed to 750,000yen in Academic Year 2022.
* We revise school fee every year and will inform applicants of the updated fees at the time of the annoucement of successful applicants.
* IBDP Sundry Expenses will be recvised in Academic Year 2022.


Boarding fee Food expenses Membership of the boarding student association admission fee Membership of the boarding student association fee
¥150,000 ¥480,000/year ¥1,274/day
(for two meals a day)
¥1,000 ¥2,400/year

Payment of boarding fee and food expenses will be collected at the beginning of each term.
Students may take a lunch in student canteen and bread or small lunches are sold in the school shop.