• Kintetsu Kyoto Line “Okubo Station” >> Bus 10 min.
  • JR Nara Line “Shinden Station” >> Bus 10 min
  • Keihan Uji Line “Uji Station” >> Bus 20 min.
  • JR Nara Line “Uji Station” >> Bus 15 min


The best way to get to Ritsumeikan Uji Junior and Senior High School is from Kyoto Station.  You can also access the school from JR Uji Station or from the south—if you are coming from a different starting point please contact the school for specific directions.


i) From Kyoto Station, take the Kintetsu line south to Okubo Station.  There is only one Kintetsu entrance.  Avoid the Limited Express as that will take you all the way to Nara.  Take the Express or the Local.  It is not advisable to take a taxi from Kyoto Station as many taxi drivers do not know the way.


ii) There is only one exit at Okubo Station.  Exit to the front of the station and take a taxi to our school for about ¥900.  Or, take the 240a or 250a bus.  Both bus and taxi pick up from in front of the station in the rotunda.  There are only a few buses an hour, so a taxi may be the most time-efficient.  The taxi drivers will know our location.


iii) Get off at Ritsumeikan Uji Junior and Senior High School.  We are at the top of the hill and the bus or taxi will come into the school grounds.  Go to the front office, up the stairs and into the first building you see where you will find the front office.


Make sure to head for Ritsumeikan Uji High School, not Ritsumeikan HS which is a different location.  The trip from Kyoto station takes about 35-40 minutes including the bus/taxi.