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10月 20, 2019

2019 EE-CAS Awards

The last year of IB is a busy time for students, and September and October may be the busiest months of all. With the hard work of concluding EE and CAS, and with university applications and exam preparations in full steam, it’s easy to get too focused on the academics and forget the huge steps forward the class has made. Wednesday (Oct.16) was a good time to break that cycle for a little and celebrate the achievements of our senior class at the EE-CAS Awards Ceremony. This is an annual event, where we highlight the class’ EE and CAS successes, and is always a fun and inspirational time.

This year, we awarded certificates to four students for their outstanding CAS portfolios, and we presented awards for EE research in the humanities, languages and arts, and mathematics and sciences.

Here are the titles of the winning essays:
– “What is the relationship between surface tension of the solvent and the yield of few layered graphene within the chemical exfoliation method?”
– “What is the effect of green tea powder concentration (GTPC) on the growth of Saccharomyces cereevisiae and therefore, what are the implications of considering green tea as a potential antifungal drug?”
– “To what extent does Emma Gonzalez make use of classical rhetoric in her tweets and to what effect?”
– “How can Expedia Group Inc. effectively use HomeAway brand to maintain its position as the market leader with Airbnb Inc. rapidly expanding their Online Travel Agency business?”

Well done to all our seniors for their CAS and EE achievements!

Please join us in cheering the class on as they prepare for the official exams, which begin on November 5.


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