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11月 18, 2016

TEDxKyoto Orientation

Some of the IB1s and IB2s, including myself, were given the opportunity to volunteer at TEDxKyoto, which was held on October 16th, 2016. TEDx is a local program created by TED, which involves the spirit of ideas worth spreading. The “x” in TEDx = independently organized TED event, which is what we were involved in. We participated in this self-organized event, gaining that TED-like experience, along with many volunteers from different ages and nationalities. However, there were many processes and tasks the volunteers had to accomplish and help out before reaching the actual day of the event. And for us, this event all started at the TEDxKyoto Orientation.


All volunteers participated in the TEDxKyoto Orientation. It was the first time for all of us to meet each other, so the first mini event that was held was the icebreaker activity. We all had to think about the answers to three questions about our summer memories, future goals and special features of your hometown. After thinking about this, we had to talk to different volunteer members, and exchange our thoughts and experience. There were not a lot of high school students, so most of the people we talked to were older than us, but they were all very friendly. Luckily, we were able to make new friends very quickly.


After the icebreaker activities, all the high school students were led by Mr. Thomas, who showed us around the different locations of the school. We all had to be aware of the many important locations and where they were since the volunteers had to move around a lot depending on their tasks.


On this day, we were able to gain a sense of the many challenges and tasks that were coming our way, but at the same time, we were all very excited about experiencing the processes within a local but global self-organized event.


By Juri Takara


Juri Takara is currently in IB2.



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