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1月 2, 2017

TEDxKyoto Event Day

img_2537On October 16th, Tedx Kyoto was held at Morita Memorial Hall, of Kyoto University of Foreign students. After the hard work that the volunteers have done yesterday, we were all excited for the event to start.


The volunteers from Rits Uji worked as a guide from the stations to the hall, and those who worked in the entrance to guide the visitors to the parking lot, or instruct them where to go in the morning. The group who worked as the guide were mostly the ones who made the signs on the preparation day, and they started off their day by going to their positions that they had to stand with the sign. The four people that were left worked at the entrance, greeting those who came to the event. They also instructed the visitors to the parking lot, if they came on a bike, or bicycle.


We were all surprised by how the visitors were coming from various places, and for different purposes. Some came to see how the event was held and how it was organised, because they wanted to have a Tedx in their community. Some came from abroad to see their old friend having a Ted talk, or was interested in the concept of the event. Many of us were able to interact with the visitors, and enjoyed the first job we did.


Afterwards, some of us went on a break, and others worked on the doors, or went to get a job. On the doors, we were guiding the visitors into the hall, and answered to their questions to meet their needs. People working on the doors changed after around 45 minutes, so we could rotate amongst all of us. During this time, we were able to listen to some of the Ted talks that we were interested in. Other volunteers were actively searching for jobs that they could get, like the preparation day. For example, some went to help washing the dishes that were used, or helped a visitor who lost their name tag. Each one of us were able to experience different jobs, and have a valuable time at the event.


After the event has ended, some of us continued to work on the doors, or helped the cleaning. Some of the visitors remembered us, and thanked us while leaving for helping them. This was an extremely happy incident for us, because people recognised our hard work. Backstage work and volunteering is not some thing that gets a spotlight, so sometimes it is hard to get motivated to volunteer. However, the fact that some people thanked us, it motivated us to participate in similar events, and volunteer again. Throughout Tedx, the volunteers were able to interact with people from a different community, and have a valuable experience. We were all able to learn and experience something new, and many of us were satisfied with the experience we were able to get at the event.


By Ulala Hoshino


Ulala Hoshino is currently in IB2.



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