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11月 27, 2016

TEDxKyoto Preparation Day

14650533_10207416758478867_7270445014655062564_n The preparation day started with one group looking for materials to create signs and another helping to set up the tent. Finding materials went smooth with the direction that was given. The steps were simple, cut out the board into a circle, glue on the paper with TEDx sign, and glue the board on a stick. When we finished creating the signs, we decided to split into two groups again to decide on where we should stand with the signs on the street from the station to the University. One group went to the Saiin station and another went to Uzumasa-tenjingawa station.


All of these work went smoothly. However, the problem after finishing our work was to “look for a work”. The group working for tent were finding jobs with the other members working for the tent. The group which went to the station were working outside, we did not know the situation of preparation itself. We found work to do, but the direction given were too vague and unclear, we could not do anything.


There are two works that we did. The first one was to move the desk to the placement which was written on the map. However, each time we moved the table, another new direction came and were all confused on what exactly we should be doing. The next job we did was to set up panels to make a wall in the hall. This created a confusion as well since the person in charge of setting up those panels did know where we were 14642133_10207417053086232_1759215731187963266_nsupposed to set the panels. In addition, there were panels already set up by others. These panels were all set up in the wrong way with the wrong number of the panels. In the end, we were able to figure out where all the panel are supposed to be placed with the number of panels needed in each place. While having so many confusion, the preparation day was almost ending. The last job that we did was to make the balloons into many different sizes. This was done with all the Rits student and some of the other high school students as well.


Through the preparation day, some of us from Rits Uji found new people to communicate with and interact with. It started with a lot of worries and ended up with a great experience, hoping that the next day will be the greatest of all the three days as a part of TEDxKyoto.


By Mayuko Tachibana


Mayuko Tachibana is currently in IB2.



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