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7月 11, 2017

SGH Research Project (GLS) Stage 3 IC Net
June 29, 2017

 6月29日木曜日、GLS第3ステージの講義を行いました。本講義ではIC Netより講師を迎え、生徒たち各グループが取り組みを発表し、講師の先生と本校教員よりフィードバックを受け、今後の改善点や取り組みの方向性を明確にしました。

 On June 29, we had a guest lecturer from IC Net, and our students gave their presentations of their group projects, followed by the feedback sessions by the lecturer and teachers at Ritsumeikan Uji. The feedback was very helpful, giving the students specific points for improvement and courses of action.
 The English education and aesthetic experience groups had the mock lessons that they had been preparing for the school visits in Laos. The XX education group explained how they intend to proceed their research. Also, the One Village, One Product group reported on progress and put forth their future plans. Even though the mock lessons are rather short, they helped the students to see clearly what is missing and what needs to be improved. While they were receiving feedback, they incorporated the advice to make their projects better.


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