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6月 20, 2017

SGH Research Project (GLS) Stage 3 IC Net
June 15, 2017

  6月15日木曜日、GLS第3ステージの講義を行いました。本講義ではIC Net経営顧問 米坂浩昭氏を主たる講師として迎え、生徒たちの各グループが取り組みのプレゼンテーションを行いました。
  米坂氏は自己紹介として若い頃からJICAを始めとして国際機関で国際協力活動に携わり、その経験を基に日本でIC Net、さらにラオスに於いても会社をつくり、将来に続く地域貢献、人的交流活動を実践されていることを語られました。

  On June 15, we had a guest lecturer, Mr. Hiroaki Yonesaka from IC Net, who is also its founder and management advisor. Our students gave their presentations of their group projects.
  As his self-introduction, Mr. Yonesaka talked about his experience of working overseas, providing aid for local people. His career as a humanitarian started from working for international organizations such as JICA, and founded IC Net Limited in Japan and a company in Laos, through both of which Mr. Yonesaka has been striving for the improvement of local communities and human interaction.
  Each different project group, i.e., English education; aesthetic sensitivity; XX education; One Village, One Product made their presentations and got valuable feedback from Mr. Yonesaka. This session was meaningful and eye-opening, and that gave us new perspectives in improving our lesson plans and project plans.



News and Topics