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January 30, 2017

SGH Research Project 1 (GLS) Stage 3
November 24, 2016

1124-3s 1124-2

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On the 24th of November, Friday, we had a 3rd stage GLS class. We welcomed two instructors, Mr. Yuu Nagai and Ms. Noriko Watanabe from TAKTOPIA & Co.
In the lecture the students get some advice from the instructors, regarding students’ projects which are to be presented in the SGH seminar on January 27th, 2017. The students have been working on the projects for one year. They have proposed, practiced, and improved them. They would like to make the final report regarding each project in the seminar, so they were enthusiastic about getting advice from the two instructors. In order to get their projects ready for the presentations, students are putting further effort into preparing it.


News and Topics