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May 9, 2017

SGH Research Project 1 (GLS) Stage 3 TAKTOPIA
April 27, 2017

4月27日木曜日、GLS第3ステージの講義を行いました。本年度の第3ステージでは、タクトピアとIC Netという2社のコンサルティング会社を本校にお招きしています。本ページでは、その内のタクトピア班の報告をします。


On the 27th of April, Thursday, we had a 3rd stage GLS class. This year, we are welcoming two consulting companies, Taktopia and IC Net, to our school. This web page shows the summary of the points made by Taktopia. The class consisted of four parts; understanding the goal of this program, meanings of entrepreneurship, schedule checking, and the workshop for activating Uji city.
This GLS class will give students ways of thinking about entrepreneurship and methods to contribute to their local areas. The schedule of the program was shown to the students as well. Lastly, the students worked on how they can activate Uji city. In order to get some ideas, they got some points of view from the worksheet. For the next class, they are going to start preparing for the fieldwork in Uji shopping street.


News and Topics