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10月 3, 2016

SGH Research Project 1 (GLS) Stage 2
September 9, 2016

 第2ステージのテーマはグローバルリーダーシップであり、財団、企業、大学などから講師をお招きします。今回は、本校の校長Chales FoxがGlobal leadershipというテーマで講演を行いました。 909-1s


909-2s 909-3s

Leaders are born, not made.


Leaders are made, not born.



On the 9th of September, Friday, GLS 2nd stage started.
The theme of GLS 2nd stage is Global Leadership, welcoming many speakers from outside. The first lecture was conducted by Dr. Chales Fox, who is the principal of our school. The theme was Global Leadership.

 Dr. Fox is an American and a professor of Ritsumeikan University.  His major is Japanese literature.  It is likely there are many difficulties being a leader of a school in Japan, which is not his native country.  He pointed the qualifications of being a leader in an association, which is equally needed in any situation.  The students were impressed with the phrase,
“leaders are made, not born”,
and learnt how they can apply this to their own situations.
 The lecture was conducted all in English.  The students learnt a lot and responded toward the questions he asked.  The class consists of two homeroom classes; 1-2, before studying abroad, and 2-3, after studying abroad.  Since 2-3 students are used to having a lecture in English and could reacted efficiently.  The 1-2 students admired this. GLS lectures will surely have a significant impact onto the students.


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