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10月 3, 2016

SGH Research Project 1 (GLS) Stage 2
September 30, 2016


 9月30日金曜日、株式会社 和える から代表取締役矢島里佳様をお招きして、GLS第2ステージの授業を行いました。


930-3s 930-1s



On the 30th of September, Friday, we welcomed Ms. Rika Yajima from Aeru to our 2nd stage GLS class.
When Ms. Yajima established her company, the philosophy she put forward was
“Traditions should be preserved toward the next generations.”.
She considered that the president is the parent of the company, and employees are brothers and sisters of the company.  She also suggested two things; having a job which makes their life enjoyable, and working with colleagues who they think of as members of the family are important.  In this way, they should be motivated.  Those lessons have had an impact onto the students points of view towards jobs.
At the end of the lecture, there was 40 minutes for questions.  There were even some more students who wanted to ask their questions though the class ended


News and Topics