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10月 3, 2016

SGH Research Project 1 (GLS) Stage 2
September 16,2016


916-2s  民際センターが行っている、タイ・ラオスへの教育支援の実態について、生徒は興味深く学びました。最初に、発展途上国の経済状況に生徒は驚き、日本の金銭的な裕福さについて考えさせられました。

916-3s  今後、民際センターの協力を得ながら、IMコースではラオスの教育支援を行っていきます。今回いただいた教えをもとに、高校生としてどのような支援が望まれるのか、その手法を探っていきます。

  On the 16th of September, Friday, we welcomed Mr. Naoki Tomita from Minsai Center (EDF-JAPAN) for 2nd stage GLS class.
  The students learnt how Minsai Center supports education in Thai and Laos, which the students are quite interested in. Since he showed some economic aspects of those countries, the students reflected on how wealthy Japan is.
  Moreover, he told the students how the association cooperate with a scholarship student. They were surprised since those scholarship students are nearly the same age as the Japanese students.
  From now on, getting a lot of help from the association, the Japanese students will make an effort to establish an education system in Laos.  The lessons they got from the lecture will help them achieving the support they can give to the county.


News and Topics