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11月 1, 2016

SGH Research Project 1 (GLS) Stage 2
October 28, 2016


 次に、小関様が実際にプロデュースした「キューバが愛した日本人 向井理、最後の楽園へ」という番組をもとに、テレビを制作する上で、どのようなイメージをもち、何を伝えようとしているのか、その苦労話も含め伝えていただきました。
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On the 28th of October, Friday, we welcomed Mr. Michiyuki Ozeki here to the school. He used to work as a TV producer of “Sunday Project” broadcasted by Asahi Broadcasting Corporation.
Mr. Ozeki, who is deeply involved in TV broadcasting, introduced some of the basic aspects of the news. Taking the news as an example, there are at least two important aspects. One was interviews of the point of view from wrongdoers, the other one was interviews of the point of view from the victims. He also mentioned about the importance of a multifaceted aspect.
Moreover, he showed the students a TV program called “A Japanese whom Cuba loved. Mr. Osamu Mukai went to the last resort.” Based on this TV program, he told the students what kind of the images he had when he made it, what messages he wanted to express, and some of the difficulties during the production.
Lastly, he gave the students four messages.
1. They dealt with why and how they are to work in the future as global leaders.
2. How students should seek their missions.
3. Also, students should be respectful working for others, not for oneself.
4. Lastly, the importance of taking action, not waiting for others to take it.
These messages strongly impacted the students’ ideas about the futures.


News and Topics