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10月 31, 2016

SGH Research Project 1 (GLS) Stage 2
October 14, 2016

10月14日金曜日、アイ・シー・ネット株式会社 多田盛弘様をお招きして、

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On the 14th of October, Friday, we welcomed Mr. Morihiro Tada from IC NET LIMITED. to our 2nd stage GLS class. The theme was ”Global Leadership”.
Mr. Tada, is dedicated to supporting developing countries, and he introduced some support systems for this purpose. One of the examples was in an Asian county. In that country, there was a problem which was caused by fishermen who had no choice but to fish illegally. For the fishermen, the reason they needed to do that is just they wanted to get more income, so they used “blast” fishing and dragneta trawling, which destroys the environment. Thus the environment was getting worse, which caused smaller haul. In order to prevent this negative cycle, he introduced fish farming with the fishermen’s consent.
Those stories, which included the problems caused by the project and action based on his belief, effected the students’ way of life and their thoughts about the elements for the global leaders.


News and Topics