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12月 6, 2016

SGH Research Project 1 (GLS) Stage 2
November 11, 2016

 11月11日は日頃SGH事業の中で,サポートを頂いている教育系企業の株式会社学研教育アイ・シー・ティー(以下、学研ICT)より🎓浜田 麻由子様🎓をお招きしてご講演を頂きました。

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 On the 11th of November, Friday, We welcomed Ms. Hamada from Gakken Educational ICT Co., Ltd. as the instructor for the GLS lecture.
 In her previous job, she was the only female who works in an administrative position in the company. Since she wanted to make the best of her ability to contribute to the society, she changed her career to the company where she now works. She showed us how wonderful the work is. Her attitude of enjoying life to its fullest tells us the meaning of why we work and how we work.
 As for the students, working in a company or an organization means “just another employee” or “achieving ones’ quota”, which is a negative image. On the contrary, she mentioned that jobs are about and discovering the clients’ issues, thinking together, solving those issues proactively with one’s knowledge and expertise. Therefore, she thinks that “destined encounter” and learning are important.
 We hope that the phrase
“challenging is the important factor to enjoy a job”
from her improves the students’ point of view toward working. Hopefully, our students keep learning and discover new ways to contribute to society.


News and Topics