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January 30, 2017

SGH Research Project 1 (GLS) Stage 2
December 16, 2016

高知商業高等学校 生徒会 ラオス学校建設活動ページ


On the 16th of December, Friday, we welcomed Mr. Naruse, who is a teacher, and the head student of the students committee council of the Kouchi Commerce High School for GLS second stage class.
The school has been putting effort into a project to build schools in Laos – please take a look at on the website below-.
The school makes a mock-company, and students, teachers, and parents of the school purchase the stock. The fund are used to purchase traditional items from Laos, and the items are sold in Kochi. The profits are returned to the stockholders and are sent to Laos in order to build schools. All of those procedures are managed by students of the school, which is admired by our students.
Of course there have been some problems regarding the projects. The head of the student council explained how they have solved the matters. Our students were inspired by what she mentioned, such as how they had meetings and how they motivated themselves.
The project gives us a lot of hints for our international contributions. As high school students in Japan, we would like to find a way to work together.


News and Topics