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6月 27, 2016

SGH Research Project 1 (GLS) Stage 1
June 24, 2016

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① 先週からスタートした日本の良さを発表するプレゼン発表
② 7月1日金曜日に予定している平等院神居住職の講演に向けた事前学習

 7月1日金曜日に行われる平等院神居住職の講演をより有意義なものにする為に、自国の文化を適切に発表するために、今後もGLSの学びを深めていきます。なお、本時では一部香港のSt. Margaret Schoolから生徒が参加してくれました。特に①において、日本の文化を紹介することで交流を果たしていました。当該の学校はIMコースの研修旅行で訪問する学校の生徒であり、今回は立命館宇治を初めて訪問してくれました。


   On the 24th of June, Friday, we had a lesson of GLS 1st stage. There were two themes in it. First, each of the groups from last week had a presentation. Students demonstrated their presentation to one of the teachers in 3 minutes and get five minutes feedback. After all the groups had done presentations, one of the leading groups made a presentation to the students, which inspired the students for more preparations.
   Second, pre-study for the next lesson from Monsyou Kamii who is the head monk of Byoudouin. One of the teachers, pre-taught about the lesson. The students got some themes to do research. The students continue studying in order to seek more significance for the very next lesson, and to make their presentation on Japanese culture efficiently. We had guests from St. Margaret’s School in Hong Kong. IM course students have visited the school as in their school trip. They kindly visited us for the first time. We luckily had an opportunity to tell them about Japanese Culture.


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