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7月 22, 2016

SGH Research Project 1 (GLS) Stage 1
July 15, 2016

201607151s  7月15日金曜日、GLS第1ステージのまとめとして、今までの講演と調べ学習をもとに、生徒は以下のテーマに沿って英語で発表を行いました。


201507152s  第1ステージとしての学び「日本文化再発見」はこれで終了です。

  On the 15th of July, Friday, we had a presentation of GLS 1st stage, conducted in English. The students made the best of the experiences thorough GLS 1st stage. The themes are below.
・Culture ( Uji-tea, Uji traditional dance, Agata festival, animation etc. )
・History (The Tale of Genji, Byoudouin, Ujigami shrine etc.)
・Geography, Industry, Events, Modern Uji (Tourism, Ritsumeikan Uji,
  Tea fields, Shopping streets etc.)
・Japanese Cooking Recipe
 GLS 1st stage has finished. The students are to demonstrate these presentations to their friends abroad. These PowerPoints are going to be on the website. Thus the students can use those slides when they are presenting about Japan.


News and Topics