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7月 1, 2016

SGH Research Project 1 (GLS) Stage 1
July 1, 2016

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   On the 1st of July, Friday, we had a lesson of GLS 1st stage from Mr. Monshou Kamii who is the head monk of Byoudouin. Byoudouin is a UNESCO World Heritage site here in Uji city. The theme of the lesson was “Cultural transmission of world heritage.”
   Mr. Kamii spoke about the importance but also the impermanence of Japanese and indeed all cultures. He used the example of a thatched roof which can easily be replaced, but is necessary as well. He said that we should remember that nothing is permanent.
   Furthermore, he spoke about the restoration of Byoudouin. According to him it was quite a difficult decision whether to restore it or not. Now red, the color of the building which has been restored, attracts us, and also a chic color, the color of the building before it was restored, attracted us. Moreover, hearing various opinions regarding whether to restore it or not, he dreaded to decide. He felt it is important to balance and to harmonize.
   The students recognized that Ritsumeikan Uji is a part of Uji city. Having a lesson from him gave the students much to think about. Today’s lesson will be a big help when they start studying abroad.


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