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11月 7, 2016

MIT Global Entrepreneurship Program

  今回は、夏休みにMITで実施した「アントレプレナー研修」のSpecial Reportです。


2016年7月17日(日)~30日(土)の2週間、アメリカボストンにあるMIT(マサチューセッツ工科大学)において、MIT Global Entrepreneurship Programを実施いたしました。


Team with Chinese students.


 Presentation about their project.

Mentoring from Harvard student.

 Lecture by Mr. Bill Aulet

 参加したIMコースの生徒12名は、中国のトップ校から同プログラムに参加してくれた中国の高校生と一緒にチームを組み、各プロジェクトに取り組みました。MITで実践されているDisciplined Entrepreneurship(通称:MIT24Steps)に基づいた指導を通じて、21世紀にグローバルリーダーの一員として活躍できる力を養いました。

Visiting Harvard University


This is a special report about the Entrepreneurship Program at MIT in 2016.

From July 17 to 30 this summer twelve students from the IM course participated in a special program called MIT Global Entrepreneurship Program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, America.
They worked on Entrepreneurship Projects with Chinese students from the top academic level in China who took part in the same program. They followed the method of Disciplined Entrepreneurship (MIT24steps) provided by MIT and learned to become persons who could work as global leaders in the 21 century.
They were so lucky that they had a mentoring relationship with University students from institutions such as MIT, Harvard, Tufts, Boston, and Wellesley College. The advice they got from the University students stimulated them a lot. They also had many opportunities to listen to lectures from many entrepreneurs who have been changing the world. Those experiences opened their eyes to the world and made them start thinking about what they would try to do in the future. They enjoyed staying in a dormitory at Tufts University for two weeks and felt good about college life there.


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