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12月 9, 2016

Indian International MUN

14980584_10207657477976704_8477751872689936980_nDuring the weekends from 11th to 13th, Mana, Ana, Hana and Xavi took an IIMUN ARTICLE


During the weekends from 11th to 13th, Mana, Ana, Hana and Xavi took a trip to Tokyo to participate for the first time in Indian International Model United Nations.


Each of us participated in different conference topics modeling different types of model organizations. Mana participated as the member of Lok Sabha, India’s lower house Parliament to discuss the creation of 109 smart cities in India. Ana participated conference modeled based on National Diet in Japan debating agendas for Natural Disasters. As for Hana and Xavi, they formed a pair to debate as UK representative of United Nations discussing the agendas for security council.


Mana reflecting on Lok Sabha, she was able to learn the concept of Lok Sabha as well as the country background of India. She was able to take away different values compared from her previous experience of KHSMUN in Kyoto this summer.


Hopefully, some students will take a challenge to participate in IIMUN next year.


By Mana Sugai


Mana Sugai is currently in IB2.



News and Topics