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6月 5, 2017

IB3 and IB2 TOK session

On May 26 the students of the IB3 had a TOK session with the IB2 students. TOK stands for Theory of knowledge and is one of the cores of the IB diploma. TOK is an epistemology class which we think about how we think and claim knowledge. The TOK teachers Mr. Sim and Gladis mentioned that having a session with the IB2 and IB3 will benefit both students. “For the IB2 it is important to establish the base understanding of TOK as they will need to make a TOK presentation and essay next year. For the IB3s by teaching the IB2 and explaining your own ideas you will be able to clarify your own ideas” say both teachers.


Recently the IB3 students explained about the ideas they have for TOK essays and answered few questions that the IB2s were challenged to answer through interviews. For both IB2 and IB3 it was a rare experience since we do not have group sessions like this that often. The IB3s were nervous to teach and explain the IB2 at first. However, the sincere attitude of the IB2s eventually relaxed the nervousness of IB3. The IB2 were highly motivated to learn from the IB3. They had asked multiple and various questions to the IB3 as if they were to squeeze out all the knowledge they had until the last drop. The IB3s tried the best to explain their ideas and the basic structure of the TOK essay they should follow, showing their outline for their TOK presentation and sometimes using the board drawing a diagram. They explained how to choose AOKs you use in the essay and the different approaches that you need to take towards a TOK essay and a presentation. Conversations overflowed the classroom the whole time.


Both IB2 and IB3 were able to spend a valuable time in the session. We believe that this experience be useful for the students in the future for TOK. I hope that we will be able to have another session with the IB2s and IB3s and even the sophomores in the future.


By Tomoka Kanke


Tomoka Kanke is a member of the Ritsumeikan Uji IB News Team. She is currently a IB2 student interested in journalism.


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