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12月 20, 2019

IB Talent Show and Christmas Party

Exams are over, grades are in, reports complete, and the year is about to end… but not before the IB Talent Show!

The IB Talent Show is an event with a long history at Rits IB, where teachers and students come together at the end of our longest term to celebrate community, fun, and displaying talent- great or small. From its small beginnings, the IB Talent Show is now a big deal (for us), with over a dozen student groups from all three grades performing music, drama, and dance for their peers. Interspersed between performances this year, the audience was also entertained by student videos on strange and mysterious phenomena in the natural world, such as fish schools, murmurations, and aphasia, as well as performances and videos from this year’s IB1 pre-CAS groups.

Thanks to all our performers for showing us what IB risk-takers look like, to our MCs- Kaito, Toan and Yurie- for their wonderfully corny jokes and deft time management skills, and to our fantastic technical crew for managing the lighting, stage, video and sound.

Following the Talent Show, IB teachers and students headed up to the cafeteria to enjoy shared food and games organised by the IB Student Council. Thanks to William, Ayaka, and the rest of the IBSC for their hard work preparing for the day.

Lastly, the teaching and admin team at RitsIB would like to wish all our students and their families a relaxing winter break, and a safe and happy new year!


News and Topics