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6月 13, 2016

IB Student Council Investiture Ceremony

On 1st June, the IB student council held an investiture ceremony, in which current members passed on their role to the new representatives.


The new members were selected through election. First, two heads, a Head Boy and a Head Girl, from IB2 were chosen for the leading role of IB student council. Then, two other IB2s and 4 IB1s were elected as normal student council members. These eight members in total will be leading the IB community this year.


The IB student council is still young, as it enters its fourth year. There are still many improvements that could be made, and changes that students would like to see. In this way, members are given opportunities to create the basis of the Rits Uji IB student council and its traditions as it is still at its early stages.
The student council meetings are held once a week during lunchtime. During this time members share their ideas and opinions to discuss and decide on various topics in hand. The members themselves initiate these meetings, in addition to the decision-making. In the IB student council members mainly plan IB events like Christmas party, and talent show and sports day. They also work to improve the community by helping out with students’ needs, or providing CAS opportunities.
Although joining the student council can be tough, since it means more work in addition to schoolwork, members get to acquire many important skills and experiences. They learn to communicate effectively among members, with teachers and with the student body. They acquire leadership skills as they represent the IB student body. Members also learn the planning and preparatory process of events. One previous member shared, “even though it involved some hard work, I enjoyed the experience, and I think it allowed me to improve myself.”


This year there were a lot of candidates interested in joining the student council. The election was a very hard decision to make for everyone, as all of them were suitable for the role. They worked very hard in showing motivation as candidate through their campaigns. During campaign speeches candidates shared fascinating ideas they have came up with for the community. Good job for those who have took the risk in nominating themselves as student council members!


Finally, congratulations to those who have been elected, and I am looking forward to seeing your work and effort for the IB community take into place!


Previous IB2 Student Council Members

Previous IB2 Student Council Members


By Yuri Tamura


Yuri Tamura is a member of the Ritsumeikan Uji IB News Team. She is currently a senior IB student interested in history.



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