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11月 10, 2016

IB Halloween Party

A Halloween party was held by IB course on November 2nd. This was a new event that was not carried out last year. The party was organized by the 2016 IB student council from scratch. We greatly thank them for their wonderful work that they did! The party consisted of multiple enjoyable mini-events. In this article, I will like to pick up the two main events which were the costume contest and the food competition.


By donating a 100yen to the student council, the students were able to wear costumes to the party. Each of the students disguised into their own preferable appearances, such as witches, animals and Disney characters. The award was given to Lui from second grade who disguised as a girl. For the prize, Lui had received the exemption from cleaning the classroom for one month. Lui seemed to be surprised when he had the announcement; however, it was clear from everyone’s eyes that he will receive the prize, because of his slender and beautiful figure.


Students were also welcomed to bring in handmade food to the party. Students had bought their most confident recipes to the party and they were judged by the audience. The award of the food competition was sent to Masaki who made guacamole. “I was able to make the best dish because of everyone’s help. I feel sorry that the one-month exemption from cleaning is only applied for me. It should be applied to everyone who helped me!” commented Masaki.


Everyone in the IB course had a great time at the party. I hope this had been a good opportunity to forget about our daily concerns and to relax.


By Tomoka Kanke


Tomoka Kanke is a member of the Ritsumeikan Uji IB News Team. She is currently a IB2 student interested in journalism.



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