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4月 17, 2015

IB Graduates in the World



Recently the IB Course at Ritsumeikan Uji welcomed its seventh cohort into the high school. With the admissions of our seventh cohort, we are also looking back on our first cohort who graduated in 2012 and are now nearing the end of their undergraduate programs.


The top IB student from the 2012 graduates was Makoto Yamamoto, who is now studying at Tufts University in Boston in the United States. Makoto was recently accepted into Tufts’ masters program for veterinary medicine, and he and 2013 IB Course graduate Ms. Yuka Esashi presented on our campus about IB and university life earlier this year on our campus. Makoto and his fellow Japanese students at Tufts have started a blog called “Tufts Samurai Jumbos” which you can read here:


Congratulations on all your success Makoto and all our of first graduating cohort!


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