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6月 5, 2017

IB Farewell Party

The 2016 cohorts had set out for a new journey, …and here comes the last year for the 2017 cohorts


Spring had come and we cannot still believe that we are the IB3s. The 2016 cohorts are now gone. March had been the last month for 2016 cohorts to be at schools. The 2016 cohort had done a magnificent work at their final exam and they scored the best average score among all past cohorts in the Ritsumeikan Uji IB course. After being released by IB in November, the 2016 cohorts had spent their last hours of school life with their classmates at the school trip in Kyushu and a few months at school to complete their high school curriculum as a Ritsumeikan Uji student. For IB students these moments are valuable since it might be the last chance for all of the classmates to unite, as the students will set out to various locations in Japan and even abroad.


At the last day for the 2016 cohorts, the student council had set up a farewell party. Representatives were chosen from the other grades to make a speech in front of the graduates. The representatives all thanked the 2016 cohorts in tears for the support that they gave to them. We all had an enjoyable and memorable time with the graduates eating Pizza, taking photos and having conversations, reflecting the times we spent together with them. And so they left the school, with hope and cheerful faces.


This year the IB course is at the largest scale welcoming 28 new students. For us the 2017 cohort, including me, this will be the last and most severe year. They are multiple significant events approaching for us including IAs, EE, TOK presentations, TOK essays, IOCs and of course the mock and final IB exams. This year will be a very busy year, as we are approaching the perilous pass of the mountain named IB.


By Tomoka Kanke


Tomoka Kanke is a member of the Ritsumeikan Uji IB News Team. She is currently a IB3 student interested in journalism.



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