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12月 18, 2019

Group 4 Research Expo

Thanks to everyone who attended our Group 4 Research Expo today!

This has become an annual poster and presentation event for our Grade 3 students to show off their research powers to their juniors, parents and community members. The challenge is deceptively simple: students have to create an A1 sized poster that effectively communicates the details of a major piece of research they have conducted during their IB studies. For most students this means the extended essay, but some students opt for an internal assessment piece that they are particularly proud of. During the event, each student must explain and discuss his/her research to interested visitors. The winner of our people’s choice award for best poster presentation this year was Nayumi Suyama for her comparative research into the artworks of Kohei Nawa and Damien Hirst.

While the student posters remain the most important part of the day, the Group 4 Research Expo has grown in recent years to be a lot more. Today, we enjoyed speeches by visitors from the University College of London, Mr Kentaro Miura and Ms Masako Shimato, as well as large scale EE presentations by this year’s science EE award winners, Kodai Kobayashi and Taiki Yamamoto.

It was also great to see a number of parents at the event today, as well as graduate students from the Ritsumeikan University Faculty of Education.

Thanks to everyone for their hard work and enthusiasm (especially on such a grey day!).


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