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10月 31, 2016

EE and CAS award ceremony of 2016

The EE and CAS award ceremony of 2016 was held on the 9th September. In this ceremony, the prize winners of EE and CAS will be announced and be awarded by our school principal Mr. Fox. EE and CAS are one of the harshest tasks that are included in IB since both requires a significant amount of sacrifice in personal time. However, they are also important elements that can show the interest of the students and to widen various future opportunity. From this year, with gratitude towards Mr. O’Donnell who is the previous IB coordinator that had been supporting the IB course, the awards for Sciences were renamed as the “O’ Donnell Award “.


The awards were sent to the students below



First runner-up: Principal’ Award for Outstanding Senior Research Kota Tomioka, Supervisor: Mr. Ozawa
Second runner-up: Principal’s Award for Outstanding Senior Research Hinano Morikawa, Supervisor: Ms. Wano
Principal’s award for Outstanding Senior Research Mayuko Tanaka, Supervisor Ms. Wano



First joint winner: O’ Donnell Award for Outstanding Senior research Shu Amano, Supervisor Mr.Zara
Second joint winner: O’ Donnell Award for Outstanding Senior research Junna Muranishi, Supervisor Mr. Bohn



First runner-up: Principal’s CAS Award Mayuko Tanaka, Supervisor: Mr. Meichtry
Second runner-up: Principal’s CAS Award Junna Muranishi, Supervisor Mr. Schwarz
Principal’s CAS Award Alice Hibara, Supervisor Mr. Sim


The teachers and students had congratulated not only the students who won the awards but also for every IB3’s for their hard work and effort that they had made. Although it is essential to remind ourselves that the completion of EE and CAS of the IB3s is only a passing point for the whole course of IB. In the following months the IB2’s will start their EE, the IB1’s will start CAS and IB3’s will start their mock exams. The course will rapidly increase severity from this point for all students in the course. However, I believe that the IB students in Ritsumeikan Uji has the ability to overcome the raging waves of IB.


At last congratulation to all IB3’s that had finished CAS and EE and good luck for all students that will be facing raging waves. When we feel discouraged traveling through the wide ocean named IB, let’s look at the back of the seniors and remember that there is always a way through.


By Tomoka Kanke


Tomoka Kanke is a member of the Ritsumeikan Uji IB News Team. She is currently a IB2 student interested in journalism.



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