Admissions to Senior High School: IB Course


Academic Year 2017
Guidelines for IB course



I. Admissions Openings

First-year students: approximately 25-30 (male and female)



II. Application Qualifications

An applicant must be 15 years old or older by April 1, 2017, and have completed a nine-year curriculum* at an educational institution or institutions, whether inside or outside Japan (including an international school whether inside or outside Japan), or be expected to complete such by June 2017.

* The “nine-year curriculum” is equivalent to the compulsory education curriculum in Japan. If an applicant has completed a nine-year curriculum at an institution outside Japan, but is less than 15 years old as of April 1, 2017, Please consult the school separately.



III. Outline of Entrance Examination

November Examination

Date November 26 (Sat.)
Course IB Course
Category Recommendation / Single application ( applying only to our school )
Testing System IB
Subjects Essay (70 min.) and Mathematics Examination (45 min.)
Interview ( accompanied by a parent or guardian )
Venue Ritsumeikan Uji, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, London,
New York
Announcement of Results December 2 (Fri.)
Application Period October 25 (Tue.) to November 8 (Tue.),2016
Application documents must arrive no later than November 8.

February Examination

Date February 10 (Fri.)
Course IB Course
Category Recommendation / Single application ( applying only to our school )
Testing System IB
Subjects Essay (70 min.) and Mathematics Examination (45 min.)
Interview ( accompanied by a parent or guardian )
Venue Ritsumeikan Uji
Announcement of Results February 14 (Tue.)
Application Period January 12 (Thu.) to January 25 (Wed.),2017
Application documents must arrive no later than January 25.



IV. Examination Category and Requirements

Category Requirements
Recommendation An applicant whose first choice is Ritsumeikan Uji, who has excellent academic performance and character, who satisfies the criteria of our recommendation system(1), and who has received a recommendation from the principal of his or her junior high school.
Single application An applicant whose first choice is Ritsumeikan Uji and who can guarantee matriculation at the school upon a successful result in the entrance examination.

* The IB course has only recommendation or single application categories.
* For the November Examination applicants can select either the recommendation or single application category at all overseas venues and at Ritsumeikan Uji.

(1) Eligibility for Recommendation

An applicant must have an excellent record of academic performance in the last three years and must have a good command of English. To receive designation as a recommendation applicant, contact the International Admission Office for a prior consultation (we accept consultation by Email “”). Prior consultations take place up to October 18 (Tue.), 2016, for November applicants, and up to January 10 (Tue.), 2017, for February applicants.



V. Method of Selection

1. English Essay

Compose an English essay on a topic given on the examination day. The length must be between 550 and 800 words.

2. Mathematics Examination

Given in English with Japanese translation. The applicant may answer either in English or Japanese.

3. Interviews

The applicant will sit a two part interview. In the first part, the applicant will interview individually; in the second part the applicant and his/her parent or guardian will interview together. The applicant interview will be conducted primarily or entirely in English.



VI. Application documents

Recommendation Single Application
1 Application Form
2 Personal Information Form
3 Supplementary Information Form
4 Written Promise of Entrance
5 Recommendation Form
6 Reason for Selecting IB Course
7 Certificate of School Attendance
8 Transcripts
9 Photocopy of Passport
10 Copy of the results of an examination of English Proficiency

11 IB course Applicant Reference form

* As a rule, if you take the entrance examination in November, you cannot apply for the examination in February. Please contact us for details.

* We cannot return any submitted documents.



VII. Examination Fees

Fee at Ritsumeikan Uji Venue: 20,000 yen

Fee at Overseas Venues: 50,000 yen (yen basis, excluding any exchange commission)



VIII. Application Period

November Examination: October 25 (Tue.) to November 8 (Tue.), 2016
February Examination: January 12 (Thu.) to January 25 (Wed.), 2017

<About the Deadline>

The application documents must arrive on or before the last day of the above period.
Documents arriving before the period are considered as received on the first day of the period.



IX. Documents Submissions

Enclose the documents in the envelope and send them to the address below by registered mail.
We do not accept applications in person at our office. Use DHL,EMS, or an equivalent service when you send the application from abroad.

<Postal Address>

international Admission Office,
Ritsumeikan Uji Senior High School
Hachikenyadani 33-1, Hirono-cho, Uji,
Kyoto, JAPAN 611-0031
Note: Write the applicant’s name, guardian’s name, address, and the current school on the envelope.



X. Admission Procedure

November Examination:
First step (payment of admission fee): December 5 (Mon.) to December 16 (Fri.), 2016
Second step (submission of documents): February 15 (Wed.) to February 22 (Wed.), 2017

February Examination:
February 15 (Wed.) to February 22 (Wed.), 2017
* Pay the admission fee during the admission procedure.
* As a rule, the admission fee is non-refundable.
   For example, if a successful applicant is unable to secure a student visa to study in Japan, the admission fee will not be refunded.



XI. Dormitory

As a rule, all international students who are not staying with a parent or guardian in Japan must live in the dormitory.

(1) Name:

FIRITS HOUSE (Ritsumeikan Uji Senior High School Dormitory)

(2) Address:

Todo Yabusato 28-1, Uji, Kyoto

(3) Access:

About 20 minutes by bus
From “Ritsumeikan Uji Koukou” to “Morimoto” in front of the dormitory

(4) Room:

Two students per room
Equipped with beds, desks, chairs, closets and bookshelves, an air-conditioner and heater, and desk lamps.

(5) Meals:

Breakfast and dinner (excepting days the dormitory is closed)

(6) Building:

Six-story steel-reinforced concrete structure

(7) Number of Rooms:

188 (109 for male students; 79 for female students)

(8) Accommodation:

376 (218 male students and 158 female students)

(9) Board and Lodging Charge:

(The information below is for the 2016 academic year.)
Dormitory Admission Fee: 150,000 yen
Boarding Fee: 480,000 yen (per year)
Food Expenses: 1,250 yen (per day, for two meals)

* Membership fee for the boarding student association is necessary in addition to the above fees.

* The amount of the dormitory admission fee, boarding fee or food expenses in the 2017 academic year has not been decided. We revise these fees every year and will inform successful applicants of the 2017 fees at the time of the announcement of results.

* The dormitory is closed for several days during long-term vacations.