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February 7, 2017

2016 November DP Examination Results

Last month Ritsumeikan Uji received the results for the November 2016 Diploma Programme Examinations for our IB students.


The November 2016 cohort scored an average of 33.95 points, four points higher than the usual world average for the diploma. 45% of students gained more than 35 points and 15% of students scored over 40 points. Both of these percentages compare very favourably to world averages.


The final results are closely in line with the predicted grades issued by our school in October 2016.


The November 2016 DP cohort is currently awaiting acceptances from universities around the world and students will make university decisions in the coming weeks. To date, students have been accepted at the the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Queensland, Northeastern University, the University of Minnesota, Emmanuel College, Oxford Brookes University, Eindhoven University of Technology, Sophia University and Waseda University among others.









2016年11月 DPグループは現在、国内外の大学入試結果を待っているところで、数週間後には進学大学の決定を行います。現在までの合格大学は、University of Toronto、University of British Columbia、University of Edinburgh、University of Queensland、Northeastern University、University of Minnesota、Emmanuel College, Oxford Brookes University、Eindhoven University of Technology、上智大学、早稲田大学です。


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