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4月 16, 2015

2015 Highlight: TT Biz Junior Achievement Competition

2015 Rits Uji Highlight:

In January, 2015 a group of Ritsumeikan Uji students from the IB and IM Courses was part of the winning team at the TTBiz Business Plan Competition.  The competition was held at Tokyo Midtown Tower on the 24th and 25th of January, sponsored by FedX, Accenture, and several other major corporations, and featured teams from leading high schools around Japan.


The competition featured teams made up of high school students from three countries, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore.  Students were tasked with designing a comprehensive business and marketing plan for an original tour of Japan for overseas tourists.  Teams began working together in August of 2014; therefore the competition took six months in total.  The competition was judged by professionals from the legal, corporate, and academic world and the judges gave extensive feedback to each group.  The winning group, consisting of two students from the IB Course and one student from the IM Course, will be given an all expenses paid three day tour of Hokkaido where they will host their teammates from Singapore and Korea.


Ritsumeikan Uji’s success at the 2015 TTBiz competition is indicative of the energy and dedication of Rits Uji’s students and we congratulate them on their efforts.


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