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留学体験記 Vol,11
カナダの文化紹介 クリスマス


まだまだ、留学プログラムを再開している学校の少ない中、定期的にコロナ禍の留学について情報を発信させていただくことも本校の果たすべき役割であると考え、生徒に協力してもらいながら、『IMコース 留学体験記』を掲載しております。



Merry Christmas!!! I really enjoyed Christmas in Canada. So, I would like to share with you my experience during Christmas day and the difference in Christmas between Canada and Japan.

On Christmas morning, first of all, we opened presents. My host parents prepared big Christmas socks that were full of presents. In Japan, it is common that only children receive one present, but my host family prepared every family member their own Christmas socks and presents, even dogs! Also, they put presents until socks become full, so I received around 10 presents such as a wallet, makeup stuff, clothes, snacks, and stuff like that. Every gift was wrapped in paper, so we guessed what kind of present was in it.

In Canada, most people spend time with their family instead of New Year. So, in the evening, I went to my host grandmother's house and ate supper with my host family’s relatives. Look at the gorgeous foods in the picture! There are special meals prepared for Christmas day including roast turkey, seasonal vegetables, mashed potatoes, and gravy. Also, we wore the costume called onesie which is popular to wear on Christmas. But other people wear the ugly sweater, and it is also a famous costume to wear on Christmas, so I feel like it depends on people.

After eating supper, we opened gifts again. My host grandmother also prepared big Christmas socks with presents. I didn’t expect to be able to receive presents again at all, so I was really surprised and happy. After that, we did a present exchange too, so I got much more presents than I expected. We hardly ever spend Christmas gorgeous like that in Japan, so It was definitely the best Christmas I have ever had.

If you have a chance to come to Canada, you should experience Christmas!! The New Year is around the corner, so I can't wait!!