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Theme: Racial Inequality
1.How should issues of race be discussed?
A)What is the role of empathy (understanding other people) in discussions of race?
B)Are there issues, topics, or opinions that should not be included in discussions about race?

2. How should we educate ourselves and future generations to think that all races are equal?
A)Should we stop categorizing countries by their economic development?
B)What is privilege? Should the concept of privilege be taught in educational settings?

3. What is the role of media in promoting or fighting social norms regarding race?
A)Should news reports take a side during protests regarding race? Is it possible to be completely neutral?
B)How do movies, tv shows, and the news mold and change our views on race?

4. What experiences have you had with racism?
A)How did you react?
B)Is there anything about these experiences you wish you could change?

・By sharing able to say my thoughts and knew lots of things from others. Communication skill.
・I had the opportunity to think about the different thought of the races.
・It is fun interacting with high school students, and listening to their point of views.
・I can interact with the younger generations and get to know how they feel and react with the social issues.