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留学報告 ~Macleans College~

提携校Macleans Collegeに私費留学していた3名が無事帰国しました!
以下のメッセージをMacleans Collegeよりもらってきてくれました。

Morning Tea With Principal


There Japanese girls were hosted to morning tea with the Principal of
Macleans College, Byron Bentley, this morning.

These three students are from our sister school in Kyoto - Ritsumeikan Uji
Junior and Senior High School. They come to study at Macleans College for
a term.

They were given the opportunity to talk about their involvement in the
school and how they had settled into New Zealand and college life.

All of them took every opportunity to be involved in school life, outside
classroom activities and immersing into the Kiwi way of life. They shared
the same opinion that school life is very different from what they were
used to in their home countries.