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○ツアー    :ワシントンDCとNYでIMF/UN/ペンタゴン/などの国際機関を訪れる。
○ホームステイ :アメリカの家庭に入りミクロのアメリカを知る。



During the preparation for HSD, I could spend the busiest four months ever.
In the U.S I had truly precious experiences like talking with staff workers for International organization, actually going to many valuable places and experiencing very different aspect of America during D.C. &New York Tour. And I could feel American cultures firsthand and make another precious family in America through wonderful homestay. My horizons were broaden amazingly by facing many new kinds of values or thoughts during 10 days in Princeton Univ. and I’m proud of being a member of the splendid HSD family. Especially the time shared with my roommate is the most memorable for me. The substantial 3weeks in which I broke my stereotypes and kept absorbing everything every second, kept affecting Positive Peer Pressure from my surroundings, kept thinking and seeking answers that had a profound influence on myself and it will be a treasure for my life. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who gave me such a valuable chance to participate in a wonderful program and to meet truly awesome people. In the future, by cherishing connection with people, I’ll additionally improve myself and give back to the world with these achievements through this program as a high school diplomat. I love all HSD family! Seize the Wind!

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